Cubesis 1.3

Cubesis is a turn-based strategy game with puzzle elements
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Cubesis is a turn-based strategy game in which the player assumes the role of its inhabitants, the Cubies, who must survive in a hostile world using many different elements. It is entirely up to the player how he will decide to deal with different situations. The conditions of the game change throughout the levels, but also within the levels themselves: fields dry out, Ikjuch raises the sea level etc. The player must adjust his or her plans according to these conditions, which requires various measures in order to succeed.
Key Features:
- Strategy game with puzzle elements.
- Two gods with special powers and you can make them help you.
- Changeable environment which can be used in its extremes to reach your goals.
- Editable terrain; you can create dams, rivers, holes, canals etc.
- Flowing water.
- 34 enjoyable levels.

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