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Cubesis is an original puzzle game that combines strategy and simulation
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Cubesis is a puzzle game that combines elements of time and resource management into a gameplay that is both unique and engaging. In Cubesis you are in charge of Cubeworld, a floating land inhabitated by the cubies and guarded by the gods Ikjuch and Likael. Your objective is to help the cubies survive and prosper, while keeping the gods happy.

The world in Cubesis relies on a delicate balance; every single action impacts on the fate of the cubies and in the mood of the gods, and it's up to you to maintain everything in order. For that, you need to figure out how to solve the given tasks and puzzles on each level as you keep an eye on many different elements, like the weather, the ocean level, the food supply. Tasks typically involve collecting treasures, building cities, gathering a certain amount of food, or moving elements from one section of the map to the other.

The game starts with a ten-level tutorial the guides you through the essential game controls and actions. It begins with basic tasks such as moving the cubies, building cities, and growing grain, but as you advance the number of tasks increases and things start to get really complex, requiring you to carefully plan and anticipate actions. For the most part, Cubesis is a mouse-driven game, which makes it very accessible, and there are certain actions that require the use of the keyboard. It consists of 34 levels and campaigns, which remain locked until you complete the tutorial.

Cubesis uses isometric graphics that give it an interesting retro touch. And while the scenery is detailed, sometimes the screen becomes too crowded and it's hard to differentiate the numerous elements on the map, which can lead to erroneous clicking. This is particularly evident in higher levels.

In spite of those minimal visual glitches, Cubesis presents an interesting blend of strategy and puzzle game that is original and enjoyable. It's characterized by a high level of difficulty which will surely appeal to serious puzzle fans who love challenge.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Very challenging
  • Original gameplay
  • Addictive
  • Affordable


  • A few visual glitches
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